The Big History Project (BHP) is a joint effort between teachers, scholars, scientists, and their supporters. It is a multi-disciplinary approach to knowledge for learners around the world. In addition to developing a full curriculum for high school students, this course is designed for curious members of the public who are seeking answers to big questions about the history of our Universe and the origin of our species.


BHP works with a wide range of educators, scientists, writers, curriculum experts, and artists to bring the ideas of big history to life and provide students of all ages with unique views into different fields of knowledge.

Big History Institute and David Christian, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

A Professor of History at Macquarie University, David Christian is the father of big history, having built out a widely taught college-level course. David crafted the course’s narrative and is the star of many BHP videos lectures.

The University of Michigan and Bob Bain, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bob Bain is Associate Professor of History and Education. Bob has overseen all curriculum design and delivery for the classroom course, with an emphasis on assessments and standards.

Blue Rooster

Blue Rooster is a US-based team of strategists, designers, developers who worked with the core team to build and release the Big History Project website.

Intentional Futures (iF), Seattle, Washington

iF is a Seattle-based consultancy that turns compelling ideas into experiences that matter. The iF team works directly with the Project's founders on strategy, course content, website design, and marketing.

International Big History Association (IBHA)

The IBHA promotes the unified and interdisciplinary study and teaching of the history of Cosmos, Earth, Life and Humanity. Geared to educators and researchers, the IBHA was founded in 2010 and includes academics from leading institutions around the world.

Market Strategies International (MSI), Portland, Oregon

MSI is a market research consultancy. MSI manages reporting and data analysis for course implementation and assessment.


Walter Alvarez
Bob Bain
Craig Benjamin
Cynthia Stokes Brown
David Catling
David Christian
Bill Gates
Henry Louis Gates
Larry Gonick
Ursula Goodenough
John Haught
Sal Khan
Janna Levin
Charles Mann
Tim McKay
Anne McNeil
Cathy Renaud
Kathy Schick
David Shimabukuro
Tamara Shreiner
Peter Stark
Nick Toth
John Wallace
Nicole Waguespack


Bill Gates is providing ongoing program support to establish the Big History Project and prepare it for free, public access.


We are grateful to Peter Stark for his contribution to the editorial narrative for the big history threshold stories.